Saturday, 19 October 2013

God bless America


                                       God bless America

Why? If you believe in God, why should God bless a nation? Why would God give preferential treatment to one nation above another nation? Is God prouder of one country above another? Is God really conceited to favour one kind of nation? And what would that kind of favour be like? Indeed, in the great scheme of Gods plan, does God care about such a thing as a nation?

So in the history of humanity, nationhood is a relativity new phenomenon. It is a construction of man's needs in the last few hundred years. Previous to that in Europe there were Kingdoms, Empires and people said God bless this Kingdom or that Kingdom, if they were Christian. Did he bless any of those kingdoms?

If God blessed a nation would that mean that nation would not have to suffer natural disasters? Would it mean that nation would be the richest in the world? Would God measure success by wealth? Would it mean that nation would be at peace with itself and others? Would it be free from tyranny? Does God think a bad democracy better than a good dictator?

If God blesses one nation, does he curse another or just ignore it? Is God so judgemental of a entire population of a territory on this planet that he would so elevate, one nation above another. Does he measure the goodness of each individual of a nation, extrapolate based on percentages of population who is the nation with the most holy, generous, kind, people and give to them beneficial acts?

Does God bless a nation by allowing it to win wars? Does God so like watch wars? Does he pick and choose which wars a nation shall win? Does he allow it's enemies strike into its heart and strike fear into its soul. Does he test a nation to see how it reacts to been struck? Does that nation turn the other cheek or fight fire with fire? Does God bless such a nation?

What about the nation of Kiribati that is sinking under the rising ocean of the Pacific. Did this nation offend God and he would not bless them and hold back the rising tides? I ask again. Why would God bless a nation and how would he do it?