Thursday, 1 August 2013

Types of thinking


There are different types of thinking. Thinking is not a uniform thought process. Thinking is being curious, it is questioning the status quo, it is imagination, it is problem solving. Thinking is the most difficult action our brains and emotions can engage in. The brain likes routine, it likes habits, it likes what is known.

There is conscious and unconscious thinking, there is emotional thinking and spiritual thinking. The brain has a lot of work to do to keep the body functioning. There is some research to indicate the nerves in our body are more than just pain receptors but play a part in our subconscious thoughts.

So maybe our whole body thinks, like when you lose a limb and it thinks it is still there. Maybe feeling that which is not there is part of our biochemical electrical evolution. We need to be able to sense that which is not seen to protect us from the bear in the cave. Sometimes thinking is instinct.

We can’t see everything, we can’t smell, hear or touch everything, but we sense things. So maybe thinking is everything we are and more. Thinking though gives us a power. It gives us the power to prove if our instincts were correct or not. Instinct doesn’t replace thought, it only adds an extra layer.

Yet if we let instinct overrule logic, reason, evidence, deduction maybe we would not have gone into the cave and found protection. Instinct would tell me not to go into that dark place but thinking about the problem found a safe place to live. Do you rely on instinct to create realities to help you face life instead of using it to overcome the challenges of living?

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