Friday, 5 July 2013

Spider on the wall

Nothing says dilemma like a spider on the wall when you are in bed, the room is cold and the warmth of the duvet is just right. You can pretend to ignore it, live and let live. It won't harm you. It's on the other side of the room. It couldn't possibly traverse across the room during the night. It won't use its super tensile silk to move onto your pillow like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. It won't move over your sleeping skin where it will bite you or worse lay eggs under your innocence skin. No it won't do any of those things. So why are you still looking at it?

You don't want to wake up in the morning for it to be gone. You need to know where it is? what its movements are? what it's intentions are? Maybe it will be back the following night, stalking you ever closer. You are now completely and utterly paranoid. You must taken action even though it will disturb your perfect posture.

Ah but before you can move you have an ethical thought. Do I just get the shoe and stamp it, eliminate it? This is my territory baby and you can't just sit there in a small insignificant corner and tease me. Kill it, wipe it out, destroy it. It is beginning to be seem like overkill. What did the little creature ever do to you? You believe in a deity. Would the deity like you to kill one of its creatures? You don't believe in a deity. Would you like a dirty mark on your wall of a dead spider. The world needs spiders and what gives you the right to remove it.

So you think to yourself some more. It's an insignificant spider but for the spider death is not insignificant. It's mission in life is to kill, to wait patiently for a fly or smaller spider comes into its web. Are you not just a bigger predator. It's your right to be able to kill those insignificant creatures that upset your life? You see a glass. Yes I can get it into the glass, put a paper over top and throw it out the window. Out of sight, out of mind.

You move like a shark to its kill. Fast trying to beat the cold air that wraps around you like a cold, cold duvet. You stop just before the final movement, ready to pounce the glass. You move confident you will cover it but it felt you and your movement to invade its space. It moves like lightening. It catches you off guard. Damn its a fast spider. Is there anything worse?

Before you know what has happened, it has dropped to the floor and has scurried across the floor under the chest of drawers. Yes the chest of drawers that hasn't been moved in years. You drop onto the floor and look into the dark of furniture. I should have just smashed it you think retrospectively. It's pointless. It's won this round. You skulk back into the bed. Tomorrow night, tomorrow night I will get you, are your final thoughts as you fall into a deep sleep.


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