Friday, 19 July 2013

Sonnets to Rap - Where are the poets?

Poets used to be the rock stars of popular culture. The poems of history are seldom quoted now. They are the fabric of old societies with different philosophies and conflicting threads of human hope and angst. Where there used to be sonnets to woo a woman’s heart, is there now only rap?

In a couple of hundred years, will school children have any poets to reference, to entice, from our age of consumer culture. Instead of Shakespeare and Yeats will they have to make do with P.Diddy and Daft Punk? Will they laugh or will they cry at popular culture of our age? Will they take the words seriously?

We have an explosion of methods to allow the masses to creativity, yet has letting in the deluge of creative waters diluted the strength of the few, true poets in our time? Can poets make an impact in popular culture. It is doubtful, very doubtful. Ah but you say the singers and songwriters are the new poets. Really?

Was Bob Dylan the first and last poet of the modern era that will be remembered as culturally significant. I’m sure there are lots of poets out there but how many have an impact on popular culture across continents? Is there just too much noise drowning out the voice of the few. Are you a poet, muted by the many or a rapper whose lyrics are the lyre of pop culture?

Is there scope for a new poetry? Can you write poetry to inspire the masses? Maybe the poet must return to their roots and become the performer as well. Maybe the rapper will be the new Wordsworth? Maybe the poetry of our age is the noise of the many and the silence of the few.

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