Monday, 8 July 2013

Olympics need a home

The Olympics is one of those events that unites the human race. It brings out the best in human interaction, endeavour and spirit. The ethos of the Olympics in Ancient Greece was to find out who were the best athletes in the ancient world. It was less about flying the flag for the particular tribe, kingdom you were from. I think this is an important aspect that has been hidden from view by nationalist flag flying.

The Olympics have been overtaken by nationalism in another way and that is the Olympic councils selling of the rights to host the Olympics by a national government. The cost of holding the Olympics has long surpassed creditability. Instead of Olympic funds been used to promote sport in a country, it is spent on long-term infrastructure for a very short term event.

It does not make sense. It is obscene to the extreme. The cost of even bidding to get the Olympics is beyond  sensible. The questions arise. Who benefits from this system? Where does the money go? How transparent is the system? The lack of these questions been answered makes me believe that the system that has developed, the Olympic industry needs to be radically reformed.

One solution to the largesse of Olympic waste is to stop the tour that the Olympics has been doing for the last one hundred years. It is time to find a home for the winter and summer Olympics. The obvious advantage of this is that a permanent home offers economic viability to the location, money is not wasted that could be better spent. After time the location becomes less political as people just accept the status quo.

Where should it go? Well Greece is the obvious permanent home for Summer Olympics but there could be practical difficulties with the heat unless the Olympics was moved to a better time of the year. I'm not going to go into the problem of picking a location now. I just want the idea to spread,  'Give the Olympics a permanent home'.

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