Monday, 29 July 2013

Don’t just think - act

Are thinkers good doer’s? Can we accept the wisdom of words from people that lack the courage of their convictions? Is cowardice a failing for thinkers? What makes someone wise? Is it just the act of thinking? Is it thinking of acting? Is it someone who has taken action and then thought about those actions? Is it someone who thinks about the acts of others?

Yet history has given us many examples of all of the above. We have the knowledge of great generals, politicians, kings and queens. We have the knowledge of great writers, playwrights and philosophers. We have examples upon examples of how people behave when they are attempting to get power, hold onto power or are losing power.

However, I would say that writers are also acting. They are writing. This is one of the most difficult forms of action. If history has shown anything it is the power of words to inspire, to control, to manipulate. Thinking is free but putting thoughts onto paper has a price and sometimes that price has been the writer’s life.

So when you have thoughts, you decide whether they are fleeting or as permanent as they can be. You think whether they are worthwhile or not. You think whether something else is more important. It is up to you to decide to act on those thoughts to make them real or let them disappear into the electric pulses of your mind.

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